ACCUBUILT, INC. is a diversified specialty vehicle
manufacturer that traces its roots back more than 135 years.
Our professional vehicles are funeral coaches and limousines
traditionally used by the funeral service industry. Built on
Cadillac DTS and Lincoln MKT heavy-duty chassis, they are
used by independent and corporate funeral homes as well as
professional livery operators around the world.

Accubuilt’s premiere brand, the S&S Coach Company, has
been in continuous operation since 1876 when it was the
leading maker of fine horse-drawn carriages. Our Superior
Coach Division began its illustrious history in 1923 in
Lima, Ohio. For most of the 20th Century, S&S Coach
Company and Superior Coaches were vigorous competitors,
dominating the market. In 1981, S&S and Superior
operations were merged into a new facility in Lima and
the company earned more than half the market for funeral
coaches and limousines in North America.

In December 2005, Accubuilt acquired DaBryan Coach
Builders. Formerly located in Springfield, MO, now located
at our headquarters in Lima, DaBryan is the VIP Limousine
industry’s premier quality builder with highly satisfied
customers around the world. DaBryan is a great compliment
to Accubuilt’s overall transportation strategy.